What are NFTs?

Early this year, non-fungible tokens (NFT) became the first application of blockchain technology to achieve apparent public prominence. NFTs are tradeable rights to digital assets (images, music, videos, virtual creations). They provide digital certificates of authenticity which prove ownership.

Are fashion NFTs legal?

The ability to turn…

Do you ever feel so stressed about productivity that you spend more time stressing than doing the actual work itself? Me too. We have all been there.

If you are looking for another motivating thread about ‘self-care’ or ‘do not be too hard on yourself’, please keep looking because this…

Historically, Space has been a territory that solely belonged to governments and their respective space agencies like NASA. Recent events such as Virgin Galactic’s founder Richard Branson takes off on an adventure to the edge of Space is proof that private companies have gained an increased interest in Space.


What is Didi?

Didi is the equivalent of Uber here in Australia. It has been classified as the ‘monopoly’ rideshare app in China to date.

Why Didi has been banned by app stores in China

Didi was demanded to be removed from applications of mobile devices on the fourth of…

Key Points of this article

  • Fundamental parts of China’s PIPL
  • What personal data is
  • How the PIPL changes the way Chinese businesses collect data

As technology is constantly expanding, there has been a global push to create more robust legislation to protect consumer data and privacy. This can be seen…

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Fourth Year Law Student at the ANU. My articles include an array of contemporary legal issues as well as some creative pieces.

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